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By CBDvapemall | 06 November 2020 | 0 Comments

What is a Dual flavors disposable device vape? - One device,two flavors

As known,Puff bar, Puff plus, Stick, Ezzy, HQD, POP, Mr Fog, Breeze, Bang ect,those disposable pod vape hot selling on the market,but do you know a dual flavors disposable device? how is it?

A dual flavors disposable device mean you can taste two flavors in this disposable e-cigarette, it unique design with 2 e-liquid tank containers, each e-liquid tank 3ml,so total 6ml(3+3) e-liquid capacity,can prefilled 2 different flavors e-lqiuid, built-in 900mAh large capacity battery, support 1200 puffs.

What is a Dual flavors disposable device vape? - One device,two flavors

Why choose 2 flavors disposable device vape?
 Buy one disposable device can let you taste 2 flavors, prefilled 5% Salt nicotine 2 flavors e-liquid in disposable pod vape, switch flavors easy(not worry the mix flavors taste), change the taste by sliding the button in two direction. So you don't need buy 2pcs different flavors disposable device can get two flavors taste, refresh your vaping experience, and help you save money.
Flavors 5 options:
   Lush ice+pineapple ice
   Banana ice+Orange Ice
   Apple ice+mint ice
   Strawberry ice+Peach ice
   Grape ice+Mango ice

Would you want have a try dual flavors disposable vape e-cig? we are China disposable vape supplier, provide private label disposable pod device OEM service, welcome your inquiry!

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